About Susan DeBeck


These videos are a reflection of what I love about children: their joy, their enthusiasm, their inquiring minds, their wonder with nature, their desire to explore, their natural musicality and their appetites!

As an educator, I focus my thoughts on how children learn. It is apparent to me that the challenge in educating children is firing their desire to learn, fueling their enthusiasm, deepening their interests whatever they may be, and providing them with models of investigation. I have produced these videos with the hope they touch young viewers with something of this.

I hear heartening stories about young viewers.

A young five year old was walking with his grandfather and they came to a flower. The child bent over the flower and said: This is the stigma and this is the stamen. The grandfather was amazed and asked how the child knew this. “From the CRANBERRY BOUNCE video!”

Another child was eating an apple and said to her mother: "You know if you plant this apple seed, you won’t get an apple like this". Again, the parent was surprised. The child continued: “I learned that from the APPLES video.”

Like these two children, it is my hope that young viewers of these videos will make some connections in their own life, ask new questions, expand their awareness of the world and realize that all living things are a miracle to behold. And that includes the dinosaurs as they were once living!