Cranberry Bounce
Editors' Choice '92
  - Booklist
Gold Apple Winner

30 minutes
Ages 5-13
Closed captioned
Instruction guide (1991)


A great video to celebrate Thanksgiving.See an enactment of the first North American Thanksgiving at Plymouth. Watch children put on hip waders and go chest high into the bog during the fall cranberry harvest.

Cranberry Bounce introduces children to the seasons on a cranberry farm. Along the way, they learn about the biology of cranberry reproduction, geography of cranberry growing areas, some cranberry recipes, and cranberry decorations.

The Cranberry Bounce instruction guide helps teachers plan excellent hands on science activities. Students can count the number of seeds in a cranberry and make a class graph of the results or write on everything they know about cranberries.

Cranberry Bounce won a gold apple at the Oakland Educational Film and Video Festival and was on editor's choice in Booklist.

"Bursting with fascinating facts and rewarding treats, this versatile, top-notch production is an excellent resource for both schools and libraries." BOOKLIST

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